Kilomade is a full-service design & fabrication studio, solving complex design problems in novel ways with common materials.


We create furniture (and occasionally other things) for customers who want to invest in quality, design, and functionality. Most projects we design and build. Sometimes we just design. Sometimes we just build.

These are the rules we live by:

  • All work should age gracefully. That means using only earnest, high quality, and enduring materials, and avoiding plywood or anything with veneers.
  • Timeless over trendy. Quality over quantity. 
  • Produce everything possible in-house. Find partners who share our values when we can’t.
  • Only create things we’re proud to put our name on.
  • Take care of the people we work with and places we call home.
  • Collaborate with good people.

Kilomade Studios is spearheaded by Jeff Goodwin, who feels weird writing in third-person, so let's change that. 

I grew up in a family that whole-heartedly embraced craft. With a sewing maven of a mother, a physicist/woodworking father, a basement packed with tools, and birthdays full of Legos, it was only a matter of time. 

After a childhood of tinkering and building forts in the Vermont wilderness, I took a detour into 2D media (video+photo) for college, but returned to the tactile upon graduation, spending a year building homes with Habitat for Humanity. From there it was a slow but steady march towards furniture, eventually leading to the establishment of Kilomade Studios.

Tag along on our ever evolving story.