Apparel A-Frame

Apparel A-Frame


Living in cities is an expensive undertaking, particularly if that city has a housing shortage like, say, the Bay Area. One of the only ways to make expensive cities manageable is converting living or dining rooms (hopefully not closets) into bedrooms.

Of all the potential inconveniences that come with converting a bedroom, lack of storage seems to be most common. Luckily, the Apparel A-Frame offers a potential solution.

The prompts driving the design were:

  • Capacity - capable of handling a sizable amount of clothing in a small footprint
  • Durability - we know what happens during the morning I’m-already-late rush
  • Ease of transport - all the joinery can be disassembled with a mallet and flat-packed into a hatchback.

Ultimately we settled on the strength and clean lines of an A-frame. The top cross-bar supports upwards of 40 hangers, while the bins below handle the small stuff. With about 8” of clearance, there’s plenty of room for shoes below the bins.

Want an A-Frame of your own? Get in touch to start the process.

Scope of work: Design & fabrication
Completion date: September ’17
Materials: Beech, walnut accents
Dimensions: 74" H, 60" W, 28" D