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Request Custom Work

we love making custom pieces. It’s challenging and incredibly time intensive, and we Like it. 

Our custom work typically falls into one of three categories: 

All of our custom work starts with a conversation. Fill out the form to get the ball rolling. The more information and direction you can provide, the faster we can get to the point of providing a quote and timeline for completion. 

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Ideal completion date

Modify Exisiting Work

Any of our exisiting designs can be customized. Need a chair made out a particular wood or a dinning table to be slightly bigger, we can usually make it happen. Cost and timeframe is dependent on the complexity of the customization, so get in touch using the form above to start the process. 

Create a Custom Design

Regardless of how simple a design is, it still takes a lot of time, and that means there's a substantial cost to any custom project. As a rule of thumb, custom work starts around $1500.  We realize that's an investment for almost anyone and understand custom work, unfortunately, isn't for everyone. 

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After an initial conversation we'll pull together a ball-park quote and timeline. If that sounds good we'll move forward with a deposit. It's important to note that design only begins after a deposit has been received. 

Here’s how we typically structure our custom process:

Although we’re happy to consider every project there are a couple categories of work that we aren’t set-up for:

  • Large-scale cabinetry 
  • Built-ins or anything requiring extensive on-site work
  • Anything that is primarily made from plywood

To start the custom order process, use the form above and provide as much info as possible. Do you have sketches, reference images, or design inspiration? Great! Send it over via email. 

Prototyping, Consulting, Problem Solving

Whether it’s figuring out the best construction methods, testing material combinations, or building models, problem solving is the foundation of making furniture. We welcome an opportunity to apply our knowledge and skills to similar projects. 

Kilomade offers the following services:

  • Material selection 
  • 3D modeling
  • Design development
  • Digital fabrication prep
  • Prototype development and fabrication

If you have an idea that you need help, we’d love to hear about it. Get in touch using the form above to start the process.