Dropdown Side Table

Dropdown Side Table

Personal projects are an endangered species in the world of small business ownership. Orders and commissions dominate the project food chain and don't leave a whole lot of resources for their unpaid peers.

Having a busy production calendar with paid work is a welcomed problem, but it means that personal projects inevitably get back-burnered. Case in point: the Dropdown Side Table. Despite the fact that it was initially conceived almost two years ago, and that it's been *almost done* since June, it took until last month before I could finally wrap it up. On the bright side, I'm happy to report it's now complete and serving dutifully in our living room. 

Scope of work: design, fabrication
Materials: mild steel, cherry, milk paint
Dimensions: 24" W x 24" L  x 30" H  
Completion date: 1/2017



Want to see how the Dropdown Side Table was made? You're in luck, head over to the Behind the Scenes post