Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is as simple as it gets: we'll never sell your information and we only use it for our own business purposes. 

We collect your personal information (name, email, mailing address, billing information etc.) whenever you place an order so we can process the order. 

If you opt-in to receive any of our marketing materials, we'll use your information (name, email, mailing address etc.) to deliver messages to you.

If you change your mind and would no longer like to receive any information from Kilomade Studios, you can unsubscribe from the emails (a link is the bottom of every page), or get in touch and we'll be happy to take you off the list. 

We use third-party services (such as Square, Squarespace, Mailchimp, and Stripe) to help run our business, and your information will be transferred or stored, as necessary, within their systems in the process of facilitating day-to-day business.