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Vive Menu

Vive menu


Digital display menus are wonderful in their versatility, but there no good way to make a flat screen TV look at home in a restaurant. Analog menus have the opposite problem, while they look great and fit in seamlessly, they’re usually a big pain to change. The brilliance of the new Vive menu is that it combines the benefits of both. 

Lightform, an SF startup pushing the boundaries of projection technology, and Vive la tart, the best bakery in town, came up with the idea of building a menu framework and then projecting all of the information on top of it.  

We got the call to help figure out how to build this thing. These are our favorite kind of calls. 

The folks at Lightform had already created a 3D model of the menu in the space (did I mention these were dream clients) so our first step was to work through potential fabrication strategies. Ultimately we settled on what we thought would be the most effective and successful: building a framework of steel ribs and then bending long, thin fir slats across them. 

Although the concept was straight forward, there was a decent amount of testing to be done to ensure feasibility. Take a peak at the Behind the Scenes Vive post to see that process. 

The initial testing went swimmingly, so it was off to the races. Thanks to Vive’s contractors and the Lightform projection crew, the menu is up and fully functional.

It’s a project you need to see in person, so do yourself a favor: go to Vive, order a croissant, and then enjoy the menu show. 

Project specs
Scope of work: design development, fabrication
Materials:  mild steel, fir
Dimensions: 240" L, 72" H, 36" D
Completion date:  10/2017